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The Starting Point

We develop cutting-edge, custom solutions for Michigan's businesses. And we've been doing it for over 20 years.

The various parts of your technology infrastructure are much like a hive mind, each either adding to the effectiveness of your business or taking time and attention away from your core focus. Our goal is to improve your environment and then get out of the way - we only remained as involved as you want or need us to be.

Are your various software packages communicating with each other effectively? Is your entire organization running sluggish because servers are performing tasks you don't want them to? Are remote team members monopolizing your systems, making them inefficient for local staff?

What We Do

An IT project done well can empower and simplify your organization - if done wrong it can drain your budget and complicate your business.

We architect our solutions to match your specific needs. This can mean bringing your activities in line with industry best practices, or it can mean blazing a new trail that is exceptionally non-standard - but a perfect fit for your business.

  • Custom software applications
  • Interactive customer-friendly websites
  • Network infrastructure implementation
  • Premise & electronic security consulting
  • On-site repair & maintenance
  • Coordinated staff & event training

Our Services

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Custom applications

Once reserved for only for the largest corporations with towering budgets, we have brought custom software applications squarely into the SMB space.

With annual licensing costs, cookie cutter solutions are becoming expensive to implement and maintain. Our approach of a modularized internal system for your organization can often eliminate several software packages and reduce or eliminate annual maintenance charges.

Interactive websites

In this day in age, a website is more first impression than trendy afterthought. Prospective customers may see only your website before deciding whether to contact you - are they getting the best impression?

A well designed site, with clean layout and intuitive navigation across a multitude of devices allows your customers to get the information they need in a professional manner that highlights your business.

Infrastructure ..........

Designing or moving a data center is no small feat. Our expertise in the SMB & Enterprise space ensures that you'll have what you need to keep your business up and running without purchasing unneeded components.

Coordinating server platforms, VPN access for remote workers, cloud utilization, power redundancy and offsite backups can all be managed efficiently - allowing you to focus on your core business.

Security consulting

Security is one of the most overlooked aspects to a company's data retention and customer service environment. Would having to notify clients of a data breach negatively impact your future business?

Whether physical premise or electronic access, let us take a fresh look at your policies and safeguards. You may be surprised at the results. A balanced set of policies and safeguards allow your business to be as secure as possible.

Repair & maintenance

When all of your equipment is running, it can be difficult to justify the monthly expense of maintenance. But when something breaks, the costs begin to pile up - fast.

We structure creative plans to maintain your critical assets at peak availability while utilizing several methods to allow workstations and printers to be less stringently monitored. This makes maintenance an affordable solution, adding a layer of reliability to your business.

Training ...................

Staff that is comfortable with your electronic systems saves them time and simplifies the work environment. When several employees can perform a given task competently, it is harder to bottleneck the process when a person is out sick or unavailable.

1-on-1 training for the executive level or group training environments can be an inexpensive way to add knowledge and competency to your organization.

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